Frauds reporting  to police
With the booming of Chinese economy, more and more people from all over the world ever traded or are going to trade with Chinese counterparts, we often see some of traders running their business in a illegal manner, that leads to criminal offenses arising. If you drop in monetary frauds in China, the best way to recover your economic losses is through opening a criminal case, the suspects are far more likely to return money back to victims in wake of a criminal investigation organ’s involvement, otherwise they might be charged with crimes. Langwei ever represented clients to reach out to criminal investigation organs for opening a criminal case, most of his clients recovered their losses eventually. 

Services include:

●Instructing victims (clients) scammed by their counterparts in cross-border transactions to collect relevant materials and documents.
●Directing the said victims to process notarization and attestation. 
●Drafting a written application for opening a criminal case.
●Representing a victim to reach out to police at the place where the fraud occurred for submission of application of opening a criminal case.
●Approaching criminal investigation organ to provide as much information as possible.
●Contacting the procuratorate in charge of examination and prosecution to consult, extract, and duplicate relevant case files and technical identification and evaluation materials.
●Appearing in court to present legal opinions to the judges and juries.
●Recovering the money scammed by criminal suspects.

2. Criminal defense

Langwei has focused on criminal defense, he is familiar with provisions of criminal cases in both merits and procedures. He can offer non-Chinese nationals in custody who violate Chinese criminal law with entire criminal defense legal services, including the phases of investigation, examination & prosecution, and trials.
Services include:
●Investigation phase: Meeting a criminal suspect in custody, getting to know the charges of the crime involved and any relevant circumstance of the case, providing the criminal suspect with legal advice, applying for a bail, filing petitions or accusations on behalf of the criminal suspect
●Examination and prosecution phase: Defending a criminal suspect in accordance with law, consulting, extracting, and duplicating relevant case files and technical identification and evaluation materials, meeting the criminal suspect in custody, investigating and gathering relevant evidence materials, presenting legal opinions to the people’s procuratorate on suspect’s release who is not necessary to be indicted
●Trial phase: Defending a criminal defendant during procedures at first and second instances, consulting, extracting, and duplicating case-related materials, meeting a criminal defendant, investigating and gathering evidences, participating in a court session to hear the case, presenting defense opinions regarding innocence of a crime, pettiness of a crime, or mitigation of or exemption from criminal liability.

3. Civil and commercial litigation or arbitration

Langwei has undertaken the hundreds of civil and commercial cases with a highly disputed amount of cash across China, including contractual disputes, employment contracts, torts, marriage & family, succession, investment, corporation-related disputes, etc..
Services include
●Bringing a action to the competent Court 
●Submitting a request to Arbitration Commission/Center/Court
●Participating in litigation or arbitration
●Filing a application for enforcement of a domestic judgement or arbitral award
●Applying for recognition and enforcement of a foreign judgement or arbitral award

4. Due diligence

Langwei may provide those overseas clients who seek to invest in China, or to cooperate with Chinese counterparts with due diligence services, so as to ensure that these potential investors fully realize fundamental information over their Chinese counterparts and rules of Chinese laws, and then make a correct decision. 

Services include:
●Basic information of the counterpart
●Relations linked to any other companies
●Major assets of the counterpart
●Condition of business operation
●Finance and tax
●Financing, loan and security
●Employment and social insurance
●Litigation, arbitration and administrative punishment
●Legal representative of the company
●Any material related to potential programme.

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