Crimes reporting to police

With the booming of Chinese economy, more and more people from all over the world ever traded or are going to trade with Chinese counterparts, we often see some of traders running their business in a illegal manner, that leads to criminal offenses arising. If you drop in monetary frauds in China, the best way to recover your economic losses is through opening a criminal case, the suspects are far more likely to return money back to victims in wake of a criminal investigation organ’s involvement, otherwise they might be charged with crimes. Langwei ever represented clients to reach out to criminal investigation organs for opening a criminal case, most of his clients recovered their losses eventually. 


Services include:

●Instructing victims (clients) scammed by their counterparts in cross-border transactions to collect relevant materials and documents.
●Directing the said victims to process notarization and attestation. 
●Drafting a written application for opening a criminal case.
●Representing a victim to reach out to police at the place where the fraud occurred for submission of application of opening a criminal case.
●Approaching criminal investigation organ to provide as much information as possible.
●Contacting the procuratorate in charge of examination and prosecution to consult, extract, and duplicate relevant case files and technical identification and evaluation materials.
●Appearing in court to present legal opinions to the judges and juries.
●Recovering the money scammed by criminal suspects.